ECKC Rounds 4 & 5

The most recent set of races I’ve done this year were the two ECKC races at Mosport. It looked to be a good weekend, since I’ve done countless laps there, but luck was not on my side. For round 4, I qualified in 13th, which I honestly wasn’t thrilled with, since I had consistently run in the top 5 until that session. I was even less thrilled with the pre-final, however. A crash behind me in the second corner meant karts were going here, there, everywhere. All of the contact resulted in someone driving over my kart, back to front, and took off my kill switch (so I wasn’t allowed to restart the race), bent my steering column and an axle (third this year!). This also meant that I would start dead last for the final race. For the final, I made my way through corner one, had even managed to pick up 6 or 7 spots by turn 4, and even made it through the first lap. The problem was that contact from behind in turn 4 on lap 1 broke my rear bumper bolt and so my bumper was dragging behind my kart. Sadly, the officials gave me the meatball flag only three laps into the race, leaving me with another DNF. A disappointing result, but there was always the Sunday race…

Which I’m glad to say went better. Even though I didn’t qualify well (18th), the pre-final was another matter. Contact on lap one sent me back to the back of the pack, but I worked my way back up to 18th by the chequered. The final went much better. After a lot of passing and attempted passes, I got back up to 11th!  It was a lot better than the day before, especially because I didn’t bend anything – finally!

Overall, it was a long Canada Day weekend, but I’m looking forward to racing at the Honda Indy of Toronto this weekend and Trois-Rivières at the end of July!

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